Matthias Hues


Hello my dear friends in Russia, thank you so much for visiting this page.

I have been doing film since 20 years now and love doing it more then anything, i was lucky enough to get into the film business by replacing Jean Claude Van Damme in the film "No Retreat no Surrender Two" as he had walked out while filming and i could replace him.

This was in the year 88, so a long time ago but still the most importuned time in my life because i had my first lead role as bad guy in a big movie.

The film came out in the theaters around the world and made me the next movie villain for many more fantastic years to come.

I am so thankful for it as i love the film business more then every thing else in the world, i love the action and excitement on the set and travel ling around the world doing so, I haven't been to Russia yet but look forward to do a film there and meet you in person, walk around the streets and see and learn more about your country.

Since i am form Germany we are sort of neighbors and have common history all the way back to Katerina the great who came form Germany to you.

I have seen Russian films and love them, some are as big as our Hollywood films and top them off with a very good message and an intricate story depth.

I hope i can do many more films you all enjoy as i am myself am a huge fan of the cinema and know the impact of great and entertaining films in our life's., i am going to the movies myself at least three times a week and watch the rest on DVD. unless i shoot a film, where i work 12 to 16 hours every day there is no time left to even turn on the DVD player, we work hard and give it all when working and love every minute of it, no matter how cold, how late and how many times we have to jump up or down and get kicked in the face.

Keep watching and thanks for being my Friends


Kind regards

Matthias Hues.